in a garden in the House of Love, one can be intrigued by guitar-shaped flowers and butterflies with wings made of Chameleons and Echo and the Bunnymen record sleeves. All one has to do is listen to the third LP of House of Love, released on Fontana. 
House of Love, previously signed on Creation records, delivered unnamed children until 1991, all their albums are nameless before that period. 
Like most bands at the time, House of Love looked back in sixties music and soaked it in reverb-drenched guitars and an atmosphere that echoes strongly... Echo and the Bunnymen. 

Music fanzine would like to share the favorite tracks of this magnificent record, Karine is obsessed with the band and actually saw them live back in the early nineties. 

I don't know why I love you - House of Love 

Hedonist - The House of Love

Shake and Crawl - House of Love

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