Corsican singer Alizée released Moi...Lolita in the early 00's, the song was produced by gay icon Mylène Farmer and the man that discovered her: Laurent Boutonnat, who is also the producer of Mylène's first and only good song: Maman a tort. The Moi...Lolita single was a success, thus, topped the European charts for months.

this has-been disco extended play from the post euro trash era is a jewel, the candid yet provocative lyrics, altogether with the 90's house synths and violins make make it a number one in the long list of MUSIC's guilty pleasures. It was featured on the UK and Germany Maxi, and costs about 150 euros on discogs. 

Moi...Lolita (Lola extended version) - Alizée



Yesterday afternoon, the record shopkeeper handed me a cardboard box, the size of a 12" record sleeve, with a look on his face implying that he knows. he knows. he knows about MUSIC's unconditional love for The Smiths and wanted me to listen to this little gem he received in the morning. 
Browsing through the colorful sleeves as if nothing had happened, I eagerly wait for the turntable to be free. 
Inside the cardboard boy was a black and white 12" cover of The Smiths's (as I predicted) I Started Something I couldn't Finish, which is not the interesting part, so I flip the record and past Pretty Girls Make Graves is a superb version of Some Girls are Bigger then Others, recorded live in London in '86. Apparently it was the only time this song was performed. I thank the guy behind the counter and pay for the music. leave.
This take on the song is mellower, almost bossa, and sounds like a Cherry Red Record production of that era, and it is way superior to the recorded version on The Queen is Dead. 

Some Girls are Bigger than Others (live '86) - The Smiths



Colin Blunstone is best known for his work with baroque pop band The Zombies, his plaintive voice is mostly what made She's Not There their hit single in the UK back in the sixties. 

After a few releases as a solo artist, singer-songwriter Blunstone signed a masterpiece that could be Nico's Chelsea Girl's younger sister. One Year, his 1971 record reminds us very much of Cale's production for Nico, with a tinge of what a joyful Scott Walker could do. Both singles released entered the UK top 20

This forgotten gem of the early seventies is real transvestite, cross dressing between sixties pop and chamber folk music, it features a song written by Tim Hardins, who collaborated with Nico 4 years earlier, as well as compositions by some of his former bandmates from The Zombies. It was re-edited in the early 2000's by Sony Music

Say You Don't Mind - Colin Blunstone 

She Loves the Way They Love Her - Colin Blunstone



in a garden in the House of Love, one can be intrigued by guitar-shaped flowers and butterflies with wings made of Chameleons and Echo and the Bunnymen record sleeves. All one has to do is listen to the third LP of House of Love, released on Fontana. 
House of Love, previously signed on Creation records, delivered unnamed children until 1991, all their albums are nameless before that period. 
Like most bands at the time, House of Love looked back in sixties music and soaked it in reverb-drenched guitars and an atmosphere that echoes strongly... Echo and the Bunnymen. 

Music fanzine would like to share the favorite tracks of this magnificent record, Karine is obsessed with the band and actually saw them live back in the early nineties. 

I don't know why I love you - House of Love 

Hedonist - The House of Love

Shake and Crawl - House of Love