Colin Blunstone is best known for his work with baroque pop band The Zombies, his plaintive voice is mostly what made She's Not There their hit single in the UK back in the sixties. 

After a few releases as a solo artist, singer-songwriter Blunstone signed a masterpiece that could be Nico's Chelsea Girl's younger sister. One Year, his 1971 record reminds us very much of Cale's production for Nico, with a tinge of what a joyful Scott Walker could do. Both singles released entered the UK top 20

This forgotten gem of the early seventies is real transvestite, cross dressing between sixties pop and chamber folk music, it features a song written by Tim Hardins, who collaborated with Nico 4 years earlier, as well as compositions by some of his former bandmates from The Zombies. It was re-edited in the early 2000's by Sony Music

Say You Don't Mind - Colin Blunstone 

She Loves the Way They Love Her - Colin Blunstone

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  1. Ennismore, le suivant, est également très bon. Un poil plus lourd car un peu plus produit, mais la voix et les mélodies de Blunstone restent magistrales.
    Je te conseille également Karine (bien que je pense que BG soit derrière ce blog) le sublime premier album de Duncan Brown (Give Me Take You, véritable petit frère de Chelsea Girl), qui fut le petit ami de Colin dans les années 70 et avec qui il vivant à Londres dans le quartier de... Ennismore.