We were invited by Ziad Nawfal on his show, Ruptures, on 96.2 Radio Liban to discuss the Music fanzine project, unfortunately we sound terrible, it's quite funny.
Playlist includes the likes of Ride, Pale Fountains, The Smiths, Beat Happening, The Field Mice and My Bloody Valentine.

bonus: a lovely 12'' mix of two ex Throbbing Gristle : October Love Song (12" mix) - Chris & Cosey



''Music'' is a flashback, it is a way of paying a tribute to the music fanzine that marks a long gone era, when paper and xerox were the only way to spread a particular cultural phenomenon for others who shared the same interest.
With this medium, we try to recreate an emotional state that is very strong during adolescence: fandom, and how one identifies with the bands he worships. With this tribute to the fanzine, we try to (...) how a fan builds a world around a certain guitar riff, or a certain sound in Morrissey's voice when he says that he dreamed that somebody loved him, but it was just a false alarm.
The inner scar of obsession is permanently carved as the now adult fan cherishes idols of the past and therefore perpetuates his stripling dream, some collect concert tickets or posters while others still cling to their younger years in a way or another.
With ''Music'', we try to bring these fans together, by having a guest sharing images  of artists and bands that marked him during his youth and still obsesses him, the guest will also share a playlist , to make you discover the songs which resonate in his memory and still move him.
This ode to adolescence and obsession, published in very few copies, is a way for the reader to discover some images and the music that overwhelms us. This return to the paper and CD format is a rematerialization of these ''sounds and visions'', to turn them into a palpable object of desire.