Ruth M. Ellyerie is no other than Thierry Müller, graphic artist, photographer and musician behind the magnificent Polaroïd/Roman/Photo album that is dedicated to his own anagram. 
The LP sold 50 copies in 85, the year it was released on Paris Records, but is now a collector's item. It will be re edited on vinyl by Angular Records for its 25th anniversary*. The whole album is outstandingly modern for what the french music scene was doing at the time: rachitic rythms and two fingers on the Casio. 
Müller wanted to make a pop album that could be aired, and it includes some rather effective pop songs (Polaroïd/Roman/Photo) along with experimental bits, like the album's first song, Thriller, whith extracts from J. Huston's Asphalt Jungle and a sampled phone. Polaroïd/Roman/Photo (LP) is a stunning pop music piece with sexy trumpets and cold beats on which Frédérique Lapierre (who co-wrote most of the tracks) sings with cruel and hypnotic and languid voice. Urban myths says that on the first version of the song, woman's verses were sung by a girl Müller just met and took back to the studio, the result is playful and by far quirky and one could imagine this unknown french girl saying these things to you in a flirty, yet mocking way. This track was revamped and replaced by Frédérique's more fluid version which has more credibility in the album as a whole. The aforementioned ''jane doe'' version is available on the remastered CD (Fractal records).

Mots is the 6th track of Polaroïd/Roman/Photo, and was featured in some compilations in early 2000's, but was overshadowed by the eponymous Polaroïd/Roman/Photo track.
The song is rather obsessive with its thrumping trumpet and looping fultes-clarinets, martial drums as well as its dreamy synthetizers and ethereal vocals reciting poetry by Edouard Nono. 

Un mot un mot un mot offert         Saillantes virgules histoire tirée du tube 
parfois parfois c'est sauter             finir le pas moi une chose sortir finir
tu tu t'efforces en mesure              sortir finir sortir de tes pores
sinistre dans tes fleurs 

qui va passer araignée            A partir de là prendre les mots et jouer entre eux
se tordre trop tard un peu parfois     Un mot parfois offert pour où? Offert parfois
un mot un mot un mot offert                    alors un mot pour où?
alors offert offert pour où

Peut-être peut-être                 Yeux fermés cils hallucinés des actes et fibres
peut-être complice               après fibre tourner cacher tourner cacher tourner cacher
boucler juste le silence                 cacher tourner cacher ton usure.
elle elle introduit son corps
prenant la place de ma faim

Rouge de sang orageux se prendre             A franchir la fièvre à verser les mots
se prendre leur danse dans la nuit d'un monde     à verser ces mots dans la fatigue
peut-être peut être peut-être boucler             puis après serrer un monde bouclé
serrer boucler boucler folie                                Peut-être ton usure...

Ruth - Mots  

*The album was previously re mastered and re edited in 2000 by Thierry Müller himself, a CD version was released on Infrastition/Fractal records at the time, but is now sold out, Music owns the whole album and wouldn't mind sharing it.

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